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PAYMENT DETAILS:  An initial reply will be emailed to the email address you put into the booking form advising of the status of the booking.  If the castle you have requested to hire is accepted - it is a confirmed booking and cancellation fee applies .  HOWEVER,   No Booking will be considered secured until payment is received in full.  We have had to resort to this policy, due to the high number of no-shows. This booking will show as RED on the website for 48 hours, after which should payment not be received by Allfun, it will revert to GREEN on the website. This does not cancel the booking - it only shows as available on the website so other bookings can be considered. Should another booking come in, Allfun will email you first to find out if you still want your booking and what payment method is going to be done. If at this stage you cancel then the booking goes to the next hiree and no cancellation fee is required as Allfun takes the next guaranteed booking.  However if no other booking comes through then the cancellation fee legally stands.  Please consider this carefully before submitting your booking form.