Once upon a time...

Allfun Bouncing Castles was run by Sheena from the beginning of 1992 to May 2006, she has since sold her share in the company to Pascal.


Castles on the Move to their new home....

The new owner of Allfun Bouncing Castles, Pascal and her friend Ryan.


Pascal's vision - to follow


Pascal always knew that she would never be short of helpers as she is determined to train her three sisters in the ways of Castles!

Also Pascal comes from a long tradition of Castle-ers!!  Her mom, Samantha used to be a castle hirer way back when she was pregnant with Pascal one sister.

Assistance with the washing and packing on the castles is at hand too.  Here is a picture of Trust who is the responsible man for this department.






Ryan - pictured above - assists with deliveries and is Pascal's main man.

And I am sure that Pascal has her Dad, Wayne roped in to do all the bill paying.

So all-in-all it is still a family-run business...

See you soon!